Intuitive Training focuses on scientific methods for creating the
greatest amount of change in the least amount of time.

Whether you need to impact your sales team to achieve more results, or move your business or personal life past obstacles, we can help you with concrete
strategies for significant change.

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Working with Leila was incredible! She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She helped me with my health goals and with my overall mindset. She exceeded my expectations and you can tell she’s an expert in her field. I would recommend to anyone looking for quick results to start working with her now!

Meg F.

I did some coaching with Leila this last summer. We focused on bringing success and positive goals into my life. Her energy is amazing. I felt extremely relaxed and comfortable. I would recommend Leila to anyone who is serious about bringing positive changes into their life.

Jacqui H.

I contacted Leila and Intuitive Training to try to overcome my anxiety about seeing the dentist. I hadn’t experienced this overwhelming anxiety in other areas of my life and because of it, I was having trouble keeping my dental appointments. When I had to have any work done, I had to take medication to overcome these feelings, which I really didn’t like doing. After our session together, I feel completely in control again. I recently had my dental visit and was calm, peaceful, and didn’t even need my music for distraction! I would definitely recommend working with Leila.

Julie N.

I enjoyed the seminar immensely. I was pleasantly surprised at the vast amount of new information which was presented. I invited several of my friends to attend the next one!

Jill T.

The description of the Secrets to Creating the Life You Want workshop intrigued me—and the session did not disappoint! Leila and Eric know their stuff and their approachable and conversational style made the information easy to understand and use immediately. So many workshops talk theory but not implementation. I found myself immediately applying the concepts to my thinking and conversations—and I continue to use the concepts two months later! The workshop has helped me focus in on my goals, change my approach to communicating, and has piqued my interest in the science behind these new ways of thinking.

Erin O.

Leila is an incredible coach! I worked with her and gained incredible insight and understanding on how I operate. This information has been invaluable to me and my family. I shared her findings with them and it has improved my relationships with not only my boyfriend but with his kids too!

Brenda B.

Working with Eric was an amazing experience, the results were powerful and lasting. I presented two specific issues in our initial meeting. Eric incorporated several different specific processes to get me where I wanted to be, with an element of accountability; which I needed. The actual breakthrough session was highly successful.

Bill P.

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