The Intuitive Training team has a combined 25 years of coaching, consulting, sales, marketing and leadership experience in a variety of industries.



Leila Ansart

Leila Ansart believes that inside of everyone is someone amazing, and she specializes in helping professional women to find clarity, build confidence, and uncover the path to the life and business they desire.  With a background in social media consulting, marketing and sales, she has been “in the field” in business and knows what it takes to succeed in today’s marketplace.  She loves to empower others to get the answers they need to grow their business, move past obstacles, and live the life they really want.

When she’s not working, Leila loves zumba, zip lining, and exploring new restaurants.  She is a big fan of health & wellness and being aware of what you are using on your body.  She loves to cook up some delicious food for friends and family and enjoy it over great conversation and good wine.

Leila received her training at the internationally recognized Tad James Co.  Follow her on Twitter  or on LinkedIn by clicking the icon below.

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Eric Ansart

Eric has an extensive background in sales, coaching, leadership development and community outreach.

With over two decades of experience he’s come to identify the major challenges that small and medium size businesses encounter and has a passion to see entrepreneurs succeed.

In his personal time, Eric can usually be found outside biking, surfing, spending time with his family and doing adventurous activities with his kids.

Eric received his training at Regent University and also the internationally recognized Tad James Co.

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