Learn Secret Strategies on Making Goal-Setting Powerful and Effective, how to Eliminate the Obstacles that Hold You Back, and Create the Fulfilling Life You Want.



Saturday March 4, 2017

Hilton Garden Inn, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

9 am – 6pm





About this Event:












  • Transform your life by learning how to make goal setting powerful and effective
  • Get strategies to make quick decisions aligned with your own values and goals
  • Discover how to use the language of your unconscious mind to catapult you towards success.


  • Learn how to increase your clarity and focus, and get rid of any mental fuzziness



  • Connect with other inspired and motivated individuals




In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to learn a tool that allows you to identify and quickly change any limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past.  When you have experienced this powerful technique, you’ll see the potential for a mind-blowing future for yourself … more than ever before. 


We’ll also be teaching several specific communication and focus tools from the world of NLP that will allow you to understand both your own ways of thinking and communicating AND how you can more effectively reach others quickly and clearly with your intended message, whether that’s a co-worker, spouse or a client. 


You absolutely want to be here!  Don’t say yes, say HECK YES!  







Understanding the way your mind connects experiences to pictures will help you create a powerful plan of action to move your life, career and relationship forward.


Get the best strategies from this highly trained “tag-team” couple who have experience in multi-million dollar startups, non profit work, and both family and personal coaching.


We will show you a PROVEN way to achieve success in your life through powerful goal setting and other NLP Strategies.

About the Speakers

Leila Ansart

Board Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Coach

Leila is a facilitator of change who helps people get rid of the challenges that are holding them back. She is passionate about making learning fun, practical, real and unique, so you can experience FAST change and create the life you want.

Eric Ansart

Board Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Coach

Eric has spent years looking for  “inspiration” and real answers to get past life’s difficulties and achieve exactly what people want in their own lives.  He found answers that are practical, based on science, and simple to implement. He loves to share them and is authentic and approachable.

Learn more about the speakers here: http://intuitivetraining.net/about/


About the Venue:

The Hilton Garden Inn in Ponte Vedra Beach is a beautiful hotel very accessible from Butler Blvd. and all areas of Jacksonville.  With free wifi, a restaurant in-house, and just minutes from the beach, it’s the perfect spot to carve some time out for yourself and enjoy this workshop.

Please feel free to bring your own snacks/meals to the training.  Food can be purchased at the restaurant if needed.


What Other Attendees are Saying:

“I enjoyed the seminar immensely. I was pleasantly surprised at the vast amount of new information which was presented. I invited several of my friends to attend the next one!”

Jill T.

“This was the best seminar I’ve ever attended for learning pratical ways to get rid of the challenges that seemed to hold me back from doing what I knew I wanted. I learned how to remove some of the junk that’s held me back for years and I feel more connected to the real me than I have in decades.”  

Julie S.

“The description of the workshop intrigued me—and the session did not disappoint!  Leila and Eric know their stuff and their approachable and conversational style made the information easy to understand and use immediately. So many workshops talk theory but not implementation.  I found myself immediately applying the concepts to my thinking and conversations—and I continue to use the concepts two months later!  The workshop has helped me focus in on my goals, change my approach to communicating, and has piqued my interest in the science behind these new ways of thinking.”

Erin O.

“Leila and Eric were great.  I felt like they were talking just to me and I walked away from the meeting with new hope for my life AND practical steps to get what I want.” 

Alysa D.


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